Whitelist_source_range not working correctly when using Scaleway

We use network.ingress.whitelist_source_range setting to limit access to our applications to Cloudflare only. Once we migrated our environment to Scaleway it no longer works correctly. It seems the client ip is hooked up in a different way when using Scaleway.

Hello @prki,

Could you please provide your web console url and the name of your cluster?

Thank you

Hi @Pierre_Gerbelot, the cluster is scw-staging, you can see the problem in this application. It has whitelist_source_range set to CF IP ranges, the external URL is being proxied by CF but we get “403 Forbidden” from nginx. The same setup works fine on AWS cluster.

Hi @prki

I think we’ve fixed the problem. Can you confirm that is working on your side?
Thank you.

Yes, it seems to be working fine now. Thanks.

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