[Warning] One or more build-args

i created a docker file for my django project using the documentation provided,
and this was what i created

FROM python:3
COPY requirements.txt /app/
RUN echo "Installing or doing stuff."
RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

But when i run ‘qovery run’ this is the error it brings out.


and it also brings out the same thing when i try to deploy.
What can i do to this please, or is there any way i need to write the dockerfile?

From my experience, that doesn’t really matter. It just warns you that you are not using all your environment variables. As you can see from my screenshot, my app deploys just fine, even though I get the same warning

Hi, do you know how i can wirte a working dockerfile for my django project.
I have checked the documentation provided by qovery, but that is for general use.
Do you have like a template dockerfile for a django project

I confirm, this is just a warning. Not a problem at all, it’s because Qovery inject all automatically generated environment variables during build, just in case it would be useful.

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I haven’t worked with Django at all but I imagine it would be the same as working with anything. Just follow the guide and include everything like language, certain files you want to import in the container, along with any packages you want to install. Is there a specific error you are running into with your docker container?

It is not signifying any error specifically.
I am quite new to docker, i have not used docker before.
I am only using it because i need to deploy my app here.
Please how do you think a dockerfile for this django project will look like

You are not importing the rest of your files (templates, weather, weatherdetector), You’d also have to add them in your work directory. So pretty much add a COPY line for your directories. Then it should work just fine.

I kind of understood what you explained, but how will i write the syntax, that’s the problem.
Please, i would appreciate it if you can write like a demo of what the dockerfile should look like. Thanks a lot

How I would go about this is:

FROM python:3

COPY templates /usr/local/templates

COPY weather /usr/local/weather

COPY weatherdetector /usr/local/weatherdetector

COPY db.sqlite3 /usr/local 

ADD manage.py / templates / weather / weatherdetector / db.sqlite3

RUN pip install -r ../requirments.txt

RUN (your main file, assuming it's manage.py) manage.py


This may not be the best dockerfile since I wrote it on a hurry, but it should do the job for now.

I’ll test this out.
Thanks a lot for the help

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No problem. Also forgot to note that the database will be erased every time you start the container. Qovery does not yet support sqlite fully afaik so you’ll need to find another way if you wanna keep the data every time the container is restarted

Hello everyone, just to let you know that we are planning to open the Qovery v2 beta for June. So if you are interested to try it out, please do register here. You can see what will change through this bunch of posts.

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