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I added my custom domain successfully,but I am not able to find my web application on google by searching “etestzone” though I get my website on google on complete url “” but i want my website is visible with just etestzone also. and when i type qovery domain list it showing that my custom domain is still verifying can you tell me why this is happening.and please tell me where i have to add sitemap.xml file in nodejs project.

qovery domaon list output:

this is showing that my custom domain is still verifying as i entered my custom domain here 2 days ago

qovery.yml file content (if any)

  name: "etestzone"
  project: "etestzone"
  organization: "QoveryCommunity"
  publicly_accessible: true
  port: 3000
- name: "main-etestzone"
  - branch: "main"
    domain: ""
  - application_name: "etestzone"
    - "/*"

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Hi, from what I see, it’s correctly configured:

dig CNAME +short

Can you please re-deploy once again, it should deploy remaining elements and it will work.


why i am not able to find my application on google just by typing “etestzone” instead of “” i already included sitemap and robots.txt in my web application

Your site is referenced by Google: - Google Search

It looks like your SEO is not optimized. Here is an example link:

Hope it will help

Related: pjeziorowski confirmed on about May 21, a verification error that should be fixed on the next major release.