Use github and gitlab for the same organization

Hello, I would like to connect to my gitlab account to create application. But there is only github option. I use my github account to create my qovery account but I would like to use both for the same organisation (github and gitlab) how can I do that, I didn’t find where to sync my gitlab account

Hi @Orkin, welcome to the Qovery Community. Thanks for asking because it’s not obvious to link your Github and Gitlab accounts today (This feature will have better UX in the next version of Qovery - Beta planned for June 2021 - GA for September 2021)

Today to link your Github and Gitlab accounts, you must have the same primary email address on each account. I am not sure if there is another way, but @pjeziorowski can help with this question.

@rophilogene ok thanks it works

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