[URGENT] Environment stuck in deployment state

Hi, my environment is stuck in deployment failed, so can’t cancel deployment in queue and can’t deploy anything. I don’t understand why an update on an application from v3 start a full environment deployment.

So my redis and database that are managed are in deployment failed. And all application of this environment are in deployment queued. Can you fix it, I need to do a deployment asap and I can’t do it due to this status.

Environment ID: 7d69bb67-fe29-4346-a55b-7316020c513f


Fix, thanks to Benjamin !

Hello !


Managed DB has been changed update on AWS console (db instance type and disk size) outside of Qovery’s control.
It leads to Qovery not able to update the DB on env deploy (luckily).

If you change Managed DB parameters outside of Qovery, then you cannot update it via Qovery. This is fine but if you trigger an env deploy, it will try to deploy DBs first (in this case it will fail) and won’t move on to apps deployment. So you should from now on deploy service per service avoiding to deploy the entire env.