Unknown Git Provider github-disabled

Hello @Qovery_Team ,
It appears something may have changed, I am unable to refresh repository in Qovery console or in terraform. I am getting unknown provider git-disabled Screenshot attached.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Can you confirm it’s still the case? Can you explain how you get this?

Hey @rophilogene ,
yes it still happens for me. Sent you details. Here the link to the project i am testing with.

To conclude this effort,
I had a build problem with Gemfile.lock not refreshing and that cause error on build. Qovery Team assisted me and got me past my error. Thank you very much!

@rophilogene , @Pierre_Mavro, --verbose did not actually produce any information on the bundler just that it exited in Qovery console, is there a way to capture those details similar to what we saw as I was running this on local laptop?