Unable to stop app in WAITING state

Specified action is not possible in this state: Stop Cannot stop deployment while environment is in WAITING state

There was a problem with my source code, which I fixed but the app is stuck in the WAITING state and it keeps trying to deploy the buggy code.
Not sure how I can get it out of this state.

Maybe a similar issue.

So as I made this ticket my app finally went into the DEPLOYMENT_ERROR state.
It would be nice if it became this state a bit sooner.

Welcome to the Qovery forum, Cheesemaster!

Resources are shared across all users for the community plan, and this can lead to your app being queued for a long time. Your deployment is stuck in a queue, which indicates that there are other commits that are lined up and waiting to be deployed before yours. There is nothing you can do on your end, other than not pushing frequent commits to your application in order not to overload the system.

The team is aware that this is an issue, and they are in the process of optimizing the queueing system to make it more efficient and quicker, in hopes that this issue will be resolved and apps won’t be stuck in the queue for a very long time.

Hope this answers everything!

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Thank you! Understood.

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