Unable to remove environment

Hello, I can’t remove this environment it’s stuck in deployment failed after a asking a deletion (it was previously stopped). Can you remove it please ?


Cluster ID: 5e90e843-a4c2-4f62-aec9-e62f67dd25f6
Organization ID: a2ed680d-ffdf-44a2-905f-24fc2a58a97d
Project ID: 6de9b4cc-282f-4d25-8a5b-45a043966a99
Environment ID: 7c1e2cd3-64d6-4261-af73-9d95fb24647e

Hello @Orkin
I’m taking a look

Hello @Orkin
We have resolved an internal error that you encountered when attempting to delete your environment. I saw that you have already deleted it.
Thank you for reporting the error.

Yes thanks ! I think the deletion has occurred with cluster deletion

@Pierre_Gerbelot This issue keeps happening to us. It’s always environments that fail to deploy that cannot be deleted.

Hello @prki,

Can you share your environments’ url so we can take a look ?

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