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Unable to delete my project

Hi, I have created one project and due to some reasons I want to delete the project but the project is not getting deleted and giving an error:- Something goes wrong while deleting environment ‘bjwd8s4qspykxs1u / dependabot/npm_and_yarn/pm2-5.0.4’ from project ‘l86rksjn1liabefr’. The project has not been deleted. Please contact an administrator if the error persists.

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Hey, can you please remove the qovery.yml file or revoke Qovery access to your repository? Otherwise, if I delete the project, it will be redeployed anyways after new Git Webhook we receive from your repo.

my problem is not that the other branch are not there but they are not getting deleted

@rophilogene Please check this

Hey Please delete my project because I have removed webhooks from my GitHub and in 2 or 3 days I will do it again with fresh access. Please delete them.