Unable to delete lifecycle job


I can’t delete the lifecycle job because the qoveyrd/create-sa docker image is not compatible with arm architecture so it can’t be deployed but can’t be deleted too :sweat_smile:.

Can you remove it please ?

Cluster ID: 5e90e843-a4c2-4f62-aec9-e62f67dd25f6
Organization ID: a2ed680d-ffdf-44a2-905f-24fc2a58a97d
Project ID: 2257e891-1c08-4440-bd76-807e5d1b2d90
Environment ID: 497dcf60-a4dc-4250-8e66-9107dd923f53
Service ID: 07d21949-9ca9-43c5-8651-367e92809a5a


Hello @Orkin,


Should be good, let me know if you need any help.


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Hi @bchastanier the job lifecycle is deleted but my environment stay un warning state

Redeploying your env should fix deployment state. Let me know.

I still have the same issue on this url : https://console.qovery.com/organization/a2ed680d-ffdf-44a2-905f-24fc2a58a97d/project/2257e891-1c08-4440-bd76-807e5d1b2d90/environment/497dcf60-a4dc-4250-8e66-9107dd923f53/services/general

Indeed, I forgot to delete the failing job on your cluster and it was still reporting bad status. Should be good now.

Yes thanks it’s ok on my side too

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