Unable to delete database


Organization ID: e2434c8e-0905-4969-9536-670f9a774f44
Project ID: 53101355-79ed-4a52-a92e-516fde8e231f
Environment ID: d39b4653-0d7c-43d1-9083-4337f59feb8d

I am trying to delete DBs on our dev, staging, and production environments and getting this error in the logs.

Unknown error while performing Terraform command (terraform apply -no-color -auto-approve tf_plan), here is the error:

Error: failed updating ElastiCache Replication Group (za152f3c7-redis) tags: tagging resource
with aws_elasticache_replication_group.elasticache_cluster,
on main.tf line 27, in resource “aws_elasticache_replication_group” “elasticache_cluster”:
27: resource “aws_elasticache_replication_group” “elasticache_cluster” {

Could you please look into this?

Hello !
I am checking.

Thanks @bchastanier

We were able to remove our frontend app, celery and APIs but can’t deploy or remove DBs now

Hey @Rahul,

So, long story short, tags are limited to a set of chars:

InvalidParameterValue: Tag values may only contain unicode letters, digits, whitespace, or one of these symbols: _ . : / = + \\ - @"

I think you renamed your clusters add (Old) suffixes, but unfortunately ( and ). As cluster name is set to tags (even in DBs tags) in makes Terraform unable to update / delete the DB.

I renamed your clusters, removing forbidden chars from name.

We will work on a patch to solve this unfortunate issue.

You can now proceed with deletion.


@bchastanier Okay thank you for sorting this out, appreciate the quick response :slight_smile: