Unable to create a service (invalid application port)


I want to create a service.

When clicking on “Create and deploy”, I got this error

According to my dockerfile, I got only one port to expose (5000)

“Invalid application port: 443, External port 443 cannot be set when app is not exposed publicly”

I never asked to expose the 443 port…therefore I’m stuck…again ?


I also have a much general question about this very topic.

We want to replicate the way our existing Kapsule cluster works.


Our APIs should not be publicly accessible, only our GraphQL federation is and can access our APIs.

Can we do that with Qovery ? I’m a tad suspicious Qovery might not be a good fit for us.

Hello @davidr

Can you please only create your application and share your qovery console url of your application?

@davidr fyi I sent you a DM to schedule a quick call.