Trying to test using Wordpress on Qovery - not working

Everytime I try to deploy an app to Qovery, I click on the link it provides me and just says “Default Backend - 404”

In this case, the app I am trying to deploy is a Qovery optimized version of Wordpress from github.

Any help you guys can provide is much appreciated. I found the github project here: GitHub - rhildred/docker-wordpress

I’m new to the Qovery platform and trying to get familiar with everything.

Hello @bnichs5
It looks like your project use docker-compose. For now qovery doesn’t support docker-compose file

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Thanks for your response Jonathan. Any idea how I might be able to install a wordpress instance on Qovery?

Sorry i’m not enough experienced with docker and wordpress to help you.
But i’m sure someone of the Qovery community/team will help you

as I can see, you already have a Dockerfile in your project and some env in your docker-compose.

In order to make it all works, you can use this project with a mysql db and set env vars in your Qovery environment. Qovery should see your Dockerfile and use it for deployment.

Hope I was clear.

Its working now thank you.