Terraform Apply failed - Status Building Expected RUNNING

Hello @Qovery_Team
I have been using the same terraform for a while now, today I was pushing an update to an environment variable, change applied, but I got the following:

Could not deploy application ‘251fdc4c-29f5-437c-92d4-8d32dcdf784e’, unexpected error: expected status ‘RUNNING’ but got ‘BUILDING’

I was watching the status of the application change in Qovery console, I see BUILDING, then DEPLOYING, THEN RUNNING
I feel this is new and looks really good and helpful, but that tricks terraform into thinking deployment failed.

Any ideas?

Hello @sama213,

Thanks you for reporting this, I’ll take a look at this and will come back to you when it’s fixed.
This might come from the new BUILDING state which is not handled by our provider.

By the way, which version of the provider do you use ?