Strapi Deployment Error

I get this error when trying to deploy the strapi template

2021-06-11T06:10:16Z DEPLOYMENT_IN_PROGRESS APPLICATION INFO Step 3/8 : COPY ./strapi-app .

2021-06-11T06:10:16Z ERROR APPLICATION ERROR COPY failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder735979258/strapi-app: no such file or directory


    * Execution ID     : cc0ecca54aca2c3023f9abaae6baecb5dccbe8589c3d33836ea1383dc3f045f2b654d2521b4fff566526e6ba57ff3790988d996cf194036d7b2cd8c867157338
    * Scope            : Build platform 'qovery-local-docker' with id 'wgxfivfu9f8lomxy'

did you follow all the steps of the Strapi’s template read me ? If yes, could you show me your dockerfile ?

I created a project and followed the template steps. Nothing more

If you have this error, you missed something.

Pretty sure i haven’t missed anything :stuck_out_tongue:

I follow the steps here, hit deploy and then failure

I talked about Strapi’s template read me. Can you send me a screenshot of it too ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I use your template

I give you a hint :wink:

Hmm I assumed all this would be set up automatically when using one of your templates?

A bit of info after the steps would be helpful then, like “Almost done! Now you just need to …”. And maybe not auto deploy it if additional steps are required?

One thing i’ve learnt over the years is that users are dumb (just see above) :stuck_out_tongue:

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