Slow application creation with Terraform


We found and issue with Terraform Qovery Provider. When creating “qovery_application” resource and use auto_preview = "true" parameter, then apply process takes very long time and causes time-out. With auto_preview = "false" it takes only a few seconds and works fine. Can it be fixed?

Hello @km1414 I’m taking a look

Do you use the latest version ? (0.21.0 currently)

Yes, we are using latest version.

terraform {
  required_providers {
    qovery = {
      source = "qovery/qovery"
      version = "0.21.0"

Ok, can you share your qovery environment link where you try to create this app ?
Also can you share your resource_application terraform ? (either here or privately if sensitive info)

Hello @km1414 ,

I’ve found the issue, this is linked to our billing service. I keep you updated when it’s resolved

The fix is released, you shouldn’t encounter the issue anymore.
Keep me updated if it’s not the case :slight_smile: