Service restarts

Hi, Qovery team. We are experiencing strange issue - when we run our service in Qovery, it randomly restarts without any understandable logs. Tried to set higher more cpu/ram resources, but nothing helped. Same script works correctly when running locally, so we can not find the failure reason. Could take a look at this problem on your end?


Can you please past the console link of this application, so I can have a look.


Something we should definitively improve is reporting why, up to the console (cc @a_carrano ). In the meantime, looking into your pod, I can see a lack of memory:


I know you already tried, but I advise you to raise it again and see if it changes something (may be a memory leak).

Ok, thank you, increased RAM much more that before and it helped. Anyway, more info in the console about that would be helpful.

Sure! It’s planned :slight_smile: