Scaleway invalid credentials


I got this coming unexpectedly.
Since Scaleway enabled Global IAM, i thought it was it.
I re-create a token with Full-access, but the problem persist…

Any help ?



IAM is recent to Scaleway, and we did not had the time to update the documentation. Can you please add screenshots about the policy attached to your user?


Yeha sure!

As you can see, i didn’t bother much. I just enabled everything.

Hello @Aubin,

Can you give me your organization and/or cluster UUID so I can take a look at it ?


Thank you for taking a look at this.

It appears that it’s auto-resolved during the night. (I did nothing.)

This was a strange behavior :confused:

Maybe you can find what happen in your internal logs…

Here is the cluster id: fb013d63-4eeb-48e4-a400-5cdafaeea276

If i may, since Scaleway added IAM, can you provide the accesses/scopes you need ?
So we can secure the token we provide to you!

Thank you!

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Scaleway IAM is planned on our side but no ETA yet.

I just added it here: