`qovery container env create` is now returning a 404


We use to add an environment variable with the CLI via the following command:

qovery container env create \
    --organization my_org \
    --environment "[PR-11979] feat(DEV-2254): my feature" \
    --container web \
    --scope ENVIRONMENT \
    --key PULL_REQUEST_ID \
    --value 11979

But since December 27th, that command returns a “Error: 404 Not Found”.

It succeeds when we don’t specify the scope.

We are using Qovery CLI 0.79.0.

Do you know if a bug has been introduced in the latest version?

Hello @jmeiss
A bug has been introduced in the last version. We are working on a fix.
I will let you know when it will be fixed.

Thanks @Pierre_Gerbelot for your reply.

Since it’s not the first time, is there a way to set a version of the CLI that is being installed?
We are installing it via a Github Action with the following step:

    - name: Install Qovery CLI
      shell: bash
      run: |
        # Download and install Qovery CLI
        curl -s https://get.qovery.com | bash

Unfortunately it’s not for the time being. That’s something being discussed internally. As of today, fixing CLI version might lead to other issues since CLI is interacting with the API which is not versioned.
We should come with a better solution within a couple months :slight_smile:

The issue should be fix in the last version. 0.79.1
Sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s a pitty but I understand your constraints.

Thanks for the fix :pray:

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