Qovery Console – Lost internet connection leads to infinite error notification loop

Priority: low
Where does it happen: Web Console
When does it happen: Lost internet connection

When you loose your internet connection, the console tries to show an error notification. But as the notification toast can’t load the warning icon properly, a new notification is created, to tell about not being able to load the icon.

As this notification wants to load the icon to … well, an infinite loop starts :smile:

I believe you guys installed a global interceptor for window.fetch and or XMLHttpRequest … and that could lead to the infinite loop, due to assets which can’t be loaded triggering the error notifications too.

It’s not that important for me to get that fixed, because I rarely loose my internet connection. But it’s maybe something for V3 :slight_smile:


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Hello @hedgehogs-mind,

Thanks for the report, really appreciate :smile:

Indeed you have seen correctly, we need to improve the global interceptor to avoid display error when the connexion is lost. It’s noted in our side, but we have already fix the problem for the V3!