[Python/Django] : (it seems) Json file not updated during runtime


I have an app hosted on Qovery and it doesn’t function as i would expect it.
Whenever the homepage is loaded, on server-side the code is making a call to an API to check if there is new info to display. If it does, then a json file is entirely overwritten (in case there are modifications in former informations). It then uses this json file to display informations and images in html (with Django).
The thing is, the app deployed on Qovery doesn’t display the new informations (it’s post from a facebook page). It is functionnal locally and on Heroku.

I added some print() here and there to see what’s happeping during runtime and the check is functionnal.
So i’m wondering how a container works during runtime ? Do i have to change my logic somehow ?
Does the container image has be the exact same as the github repo ? because for instance and if i don’t do any deployment in weeks and there are new informations, the json file will be different between the github repo and the container image.

Regarding the logs, i just redeployed the app so the json fie is up to date. I will check later whenver there is a new post facebook-side, it should display “new post” then.
Errno 104 Connection reset by peer doesn’t seem related to my issue

Thanks !

Image are based on github repo. It means that if something changes in container, it won’t affect repo at all.

That is the thing it seems the container is not changing. The json file is supposed to be overwritten everytime there is a new post, but during runtime it doesn’t happen.
I have to restart the app to see the changes :
Here is a snap from the latest deployment :

During build time it detects something new and overwrites the json file.

The function is triggered everytime the index page is loaded.

Any idea of why the behavior ? i’m manually restarting the app to make it work.

Thought I’d pop in and mention that redeploying on the V1 doesn’t use the latest commit from Github. It’s currently bugged. I’d suggest using the CLI in order to manually update to a commit. Hope this was helpful.