Pull Requests on Bitbucket no create Preview


I configure Preview environments on a specific git branch of my service with the “Create on demand” option, when I create a Pull Request the comment is created with the commands to confirm the creation of the environment.

But when I comment the command line, nothing happens.
I checked the webhook on my repository, everything is fine.

Can anyone help me ?

Hi @Alexandre_SENECHAL,

Thank you for opening this thread.

It looks like your webhooks configuration is good.

The problem seems to come from the way Bitbucket renders the Markdown rendering. (We should probably open a bug ticket on their side).

When you copy paste the /qovery preview <uuid> command, can you please make sure that there is no inner URL paste as well?

Because what we receive from your Bitbucket account looks like this :point_down:

It works perfectly, thank you !

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