Preview Environment have stopped working


We have Preview Environment setup and have been using them without any issues but they have stopped working this morning without us making any changes to deployment rules or any other settings.

Could you please look into this?

I’ll take a look asap. Coud you send me the Qvery link to your environment ?

Hello Enzo,

Here is our Dev’s Environment ID: d39b4653-0d7c-43d1-9083-4337f59feb8d

Any solution for us here?

@Rahul I need the whole link with organizatin ID in order to dig.

Here we go
Organization ID: e2434c8e-0905-4969-9536-670f9a774f44

What link do you need, could you please clarify?

Thanks for the organization ID.

I needed the Qovey UI link to your environment. Could you please tell me more about the issue ? Are you talking about preview environment which fail to deploy or creating a PR doesn’t trigger a new environment ?

Dm’d you the link.

Basically, creating a PR doesn’t trigger a new environment. Until last friday, it did work but then stopped working after that.

I’m still working on your issue. Could you open a pull request on your side and leave it open in order to investigate your issue.

Sure, done. Created a PR request named “PR test for Qovery” - will leave it open.

Regarding our logs, we can see that many Pull Requests are opened or updated on the following repositories: Frontend.git and Backend.git: those 2 repositories are not linked to any Qovery application.

Indeed, when I take a look at your dev environment on Qovery, you use WebApp.git and Monie.git repositories.

Did you rename your repositories ? Anyway you should sync repositories to the corresponding app.

Thanks @Enzo - this is resolved now by syncing the repo within Qovery.

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