Posthog from the template throws 503 error

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Your issue
Was trying to set up a Posthog instance from Qovery template. But it shows failure and service 503.

I didn’t do anything more than clicking on the “Next” button.

Dockerfile content (if any)

I’m only using what the template has provided.

Thanks for the help!

did you init posthog app by cloning posthog repo in your project ? Qovery template only provide an environment compatible with a PostHog app, not the app itself.


Thanks for the prompt reply!

Okay, I will give it a try :smiley:

BTW PostHog might want to add more details to the documentation – they said just hit “Deploy” and everything it’s up and running.

  • Click on the “Use a template” button.
  • Select “PostHog”.
  • Select your GitHub or Gitlab repository where Qovery will save your configuration files (Qovery use Git as the source of truth).
  • Click on “deploy”.

Congrats :fire: - Your PostHog is deployed and ready to be used :tada: