[OLD - Alpha Program] Welcome to the Console V3 Alpha testing!

Hey :wave:

Welcome to the Console V3 alpha testing :partying_face:

It is a closed alpha testing phase, so only authorized users can access the new console. If you want to take part in it, please let me know directly within this thread.

:fire: To get access to the Qovery v3 Alpha, click here :fire:
(let me know if you have issues accessing the console)

You can always use the V2 via the regular link https://console.qovery.com

Alpha Program Structure

This forum section and the discord channel will be our main communication channels.

The objective of this alpha program is to collect valuable feedback from our users during the development phase instead of having a big bang release at some point in Q3. So we would like to keep it as much interactive as possible to gather some precious feedback.

We will proceed in the following way:

  • We have prepared a baseline version of the V3 containing only a subset of the features available today on the V2 (see the section below for more details). This will be the version that you can start to test from day 0
  • We will enrich this version with new features regularly. We will introduce you to those new features via this forum & the discord channel
  • You will be able to test the baseline & new features based on your availability and provide your feedback (see the section below for more details)

Once all the V2 features will be available on the V3 console, we will close this alpha and move into an open beta phase.

Feature Baseline

The baseline has been built with the following functionalities:

  • Environments list: list the available environments, manage the deployment actions (not fully finished), display running / deployment statuses, and manage the deployment rules.
  • Service list (Environment page): list the services of an environment, manage the deployment actions, display running / deployment statuses, and list the environment deployments.
  • Application page: overview page with instant metrics, manage the deployment actions, display running / deployment statuses, display the deployments.
  • Database page: overview page with instant metrics, manage the deployment actions, display running / deployment statuses, and list the service deployments.

For most of the missing features, you will find on the V3 console a link redirecting you to the V2 to complete the action.

New feature release process

We work on a 2-weeks sprint where we develop, test and release the new features.
Once a new feature will be ready to be shipped in production, we will create a post on this forum (+ discord) announcing the new features, similar to a changelog.

(Of course, we will be flexible in terms of release if a blocking bug needs to be corrected ASAP)

How to provide feedback (on a feature or bug)

When the new features are announced, we would like you to test them as soon as possible. It will be up to you to try them directly on one of your existing environments or create a dedicated one.

If you have any feedback to provide, you can write it directly within the changelog post in this forum. Within your feedback, try to provide as much information as possible, including the URLs, videos, photos etc…

In some special cases, we might also go further and schedule 1:1 sessions to share directly your feedback with me (depending on your availability).


Why are you developing a V3?

Around September 2021, we launched our V2 console, it was an excellent start to deliver essential features, but we felt like a few things were missing, that’s why almost a year later, we are back with the V3 console, let me walk you through the main changes:

  • Smoother user journey: “All the features developers need to scale, available on your AWS account in minutes instead of months” that’s one of the first things you see when you land on our home page. While it was already true with the V2, we wanted to make it even easier with the V3, which meant modifying the onboarding and adding more guidance to every step.
  • More transparency: We know those insights are important and for our V3, we decided to provide you with much more insights on your infrastructure, this includes usage and cost.
  • Open-source: Our new console is open source, you can find the repository here and feel free to contribute.
  • Bonus: Built on React: Back to the end of 2021, when we first started to talk about a V3, this was a very hot topic.
    Our V2 was built in Angular, and the question started to pop: should we build the V3 in Angular still or in React? After a few debates, the choice was made, and our V3 is in React; now, there is nothing wrong with Angular, but we felt React would be a better choice for future recruitments.

Can I give access to one of my colleagues?

It’s a closed alpha and only you can have access. If you want to give access to any of your colleagues, please let me know.

Where I can find the source code?

The code is completely open-source, you can find it here

Should I use a separate environment/project for my tests?

The console V3 is pointing to the production environment so that you can test it directly on real use cases (like your test environments). It will be up to you if you prefer to have a dedicated test environment or test it directly on one of your non-critical environments (we discourage testing it on your production environments :wink: )

What tool can you use to report a bug?

I would recommend using:

  • Loom to report a bug. It gives the whole context and makes your life easier.
  • Skitch to make screenshots and easily hide sensitive information.

V3 looking nice! Just a suggestion on bug reporting tools. We use Gleap and it works really well for reporting bugs. Gives you video recording, screenshot capture and other device details out of the box. It also integrates with Jira and other PM tools to capture feature request and bug reports in those systems.

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Gleap looks nice :+1:

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indeed it looks nice, let me give it a try!

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hello @a_carrano , we would like access to Console V3.

Hi Sam and thanks for your interest, you can now access the new console v3 from this link https://new.console.qovery.com/ .
As written in this post, not all the features have been already developed and we will announce the new major features on this forum + discord.


I would be interested in checking out the new V3. I am pretty eager to understand the overall improvements.

Can someone also update the roadmap Qovery Feature Ideas | Frill.co? I don’t think it’s updated.
Maybe it could make more sense to use Github to set milestones for version 3 and keep the progress updated and plan releases.

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Hi @simofacc :wave:t2:
I’m in the process of updating our public roadmap at the minute and it should be all done before the end of the day :blush:

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