No projects when logging in for the first time on the console

When firstly logging on the beta console, I cannot see any of my projects. If I log back in to the old console, I can see that I do have one project running. Could it be perhaps that I am on a different organization, as the login page asked me to make one? Thanks!

Hey @Aggis15 :wave:, thanks for asking.

The v1 and the v2 are two different versions and infrastructures. Unfortunately, it is up to you to migrate your applications from the v1 to the v2.

If you have a database, you need to backup your data and then restore them into a new instance managed by the v2. We can help if you need to.


Hi, appreciate the response, and it makes sense.
I would appreciate the help with my postgre database.

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@Pierre_Mavro @Enzo can you write a tutorial on how to backup and restore postgreSQL database for Qovery community? It would be great to share with other users in the same situation.

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