[NEW FEATURE] Environment Variables

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I hope that you are enjoying the Alpha testing so far and that you were able to make the most of our new infrastructure logs :star_struck:

Already available in the V2, the environment variable page is also here in the V3.

For the V3, the concept is a bit different as environment variables and secrets are merged; you can directly see the linked service, and soon you will even be able to create/edit your environment variable and deploy the application in one click.

Where can I find it in the V3?

On the console V3, head to the application page where you will see a “variable tab”, which should look like that:

As you know, everything that we add to the V3 is still in Alpha testing so if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to add a comment to this thread and thank you for all the support and the great feedback already :purple_heart:

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Hi @Albane_Tonnellier ,

Some functionality that would be great for the Variables section are:

  1. Filtering by name or service-link
  2. Show built-in variables only for the current application
  3. A show all variables button to make it easier to skim through the values



cc @Alessandro_Carrano

thanks for the feedback @simofacc, we will add 1 and 3 soon.

Regarding point n.2, it can be achieved via feature 1, isn’t it?