[NEW FEATURE] Deployments Rules

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Today we will talk about “Deployments Rules at project level” (applied by default on any new environment).

It is already available in the V2 and ready for you to use in the V3.

Didn’t make the most of it in the V2? Well, a Deployment Rule lets you configure the lifecycle of your Environments.

Why use the Deployment Rule?

Cloud cost optimization

Using the Deployment Rules is a good practice to reduce your cost drastically. Indeed, Qovery knows how to optimize your Cloud resources when your applications are not running. Then you can expect to reduce your Cloud cost by up to 60% using the Deployment Rules.

Time optimization

Configuring your environments, managing, starting, and shutting down all take valuable time from your developers. Deployment Rules allow you to declaratively set up how your resources should be used, let Qovery do the dirty job, allowing your employees to focus on important things.

If you want to know everything about the deployment rules, check out our documentation.

Where can I find the deployment rules on the V3?

Just head to the environment panel where you can find the “Deployment Rules” tab like, shown right below:

As you know, everything that we add to the V3 is still in Alpha testing so if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to add a comment to this thread and thank you for all the support and the great feedback already :purple_heart: