My Slack Bot cannot be deployed

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Hello, i have trouble deploying my app (a simple Slack bot written in Golang)
The deployments fails, but it’s working when i do qovery run on my machine.

->Execution ID : 0a587fd4e5a4e7da5d474bb7fd7b674fa91019338e0b363becc28ae235798336f6bc639cf57ab31c3ab9f6c2e4e57f158da94aa89ee78f49c555720e9458618c
->Scope : Application ‘mood’ with id ‘x0iumy9mgb5k9ebd’
->Rollback message :

Dockerfile content (if any)

FROM golang:alpine

Move to working directory /build

WORKDIR /build

Copy and download dependency using go mod

COPY go.mod .
COPY go.sum .
RUN go mod download

Copy the code into the container

COPY . .

Build the application

RUN go build -o main .

Move to /dist directory as the place for resulting binary folder


Copy binary from build to main folder

RUN cp /build/main .

Export necessary port


Command to run when starting the container

CMD ["/dist/main"]

took a look at your logs. Are you using some websocket in your app? If yes, it won’t work since Qovery only support HTTP at the moment.

Secondly, you’re exposing port 3000 in your dockerfile but since you import dockerfile trough the qovery.yaml file, you should add it there too. This is what make your app failed deployment.

Hope it helps.

yes i am using Websocket … too bad !

thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile: