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I opened my qovery account after a months and not able to see my project on my account.but my project is running on google can anyone tell me why this is happening
my project link is:
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Hi. We have moved over from the V1 to the V2. You’re probably seeing the brand new V2 dashboard, which doesn’t include your V1 projects. You will need to migrate over yourself ASAP from the V1 to the V2. This blog post will get you up to speed.. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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does i have to delete my project from V1 before uploading it on V2

You can keep it running just so you can migrate your data from V1 to the V2, but after that yes, you can delete your apps from the V1 as that will get shut down in the next few months.

+1 instead of for the custom DNS, as you can only point the DNS to only 1 entry (or you may encounter issues)

does i have to link my custom domain again after uploading it on v2

As it will be a new address, yes

will it affect my google ranking

It might🙂 and might not affect, cant say about that, but you would have to update your google search web console @sagarseth442

Please see on environment variables as it is not available yet,without it we are not able to store our confidentials keys and password that we kept in .env file,genereally because,deploying project from git was not able to get .env file because we kept it in .git ingone file

well you can use the api and postman for setting up your env variables and do more stuff with them [READ ME FIRST] Getting started with the Beta @sagarseth442

As your domain won’t change, it shouldn’t change anything