Minecraft bot deployment

Minecraft bot deployment failure

Programming language and version: node.js 14.x
Link to project on Github/Gitlab: GitHub - IronBoy345/McBot

My minecraft bot always fails to be deployed. The first time I deployed it, it ran successfully and the bot joined my minecraft server. But suddenly the bot left the server. When I checked the qovery page, the main environment’s status changed from deploying to failure. Since then it keeps on failing within a few minutes of restarting. I also tried deleting that project and creating new ones, but in vain.

Hi @IronBoy345 , I don’t see any .qovery.yml file in your repository. Did you remove it?

yes i did because it was failing constantly. Shall I create a new project in qovery and try again?

Yes you have to if you still want to deploy with Qovery.

ok ill do that. but please tell me why does it keep on failing?

I can’t know before you deploy your app :slight_smile: - if it fails, please do paste here your deployment logs.

it failed lemme find deployment logs

well how do i find it? actually im new to qovery

aah i found it it says to create some dockerfile

    * Execution ID     : 50e68dc1bdf61ca903d19429378c29056a355386d11762435babca62e1f80175449756f7594c55a96798226f57bf0410883757e5d38fd7333fb7a8d407cb4da0
    * Scope            : Build platform 'qovery-local-docker' with id 'wgxfivfu9f8lomxy'
    * Rollback message : 


    ✉️ Error message : Qovery can't build your container image qovery-local-docker (wgxfivfu9f8lomxy) with one of the following builders: heroku/buildpacks:20. Please do provide a valid Dockerfile to build your application or contact the support.
    ℹ️ Hint          : None builders supports Your application can't be built without providing a Dockerfile
    💬 Need help    : Look at the hint message first. If you need more assistance, you can reach the support team on Discord (https://discord.qovery.com) or on the Qovery console (https://console.qovery.com) with the integrated chat.

It seems that you need to provide a valid Dockerfile for your app because Qovery can’t find how to build it for you. What’s the programming language you’re using and what’s the framework if you are using any?

how to add a dockerfile? Its a node.js project and my application under the main environment has a docker container. its the main environment that has the failure status, but the application shows deploying status. yet my bot is not in the server

This should help you create a very basic dockerfile. How to write a Dockerfile | Qovery