Little Review of the Bêta

Hi there :wave:t2:

Here my first thought

The UI looks really great & promising! No more slow loading, we don’t need anymore to refresh the page every each navigation :smiley:
It’s kinda a pleasure to navigate through the admin panel :wink:
I’m just waiting so much that all feature will be available in the UI :frowning:


I encounter some UI/UX “issues” like some text were too small.

Sometimes text are pretty small

Database linking

When I try to add a database while I don’t have created database. It should tell something like “No database found” or “You don’t have a database”.

Medium screen size

In tablet view, maybe you should resize the icon in order to don’t have the text going out of box :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Other issues

App deployment

When you try to deploy an application & you don’t have enough credits, you only get something like “Database could not be deployed” instead of “No credit remaining”

Final words

You are doing an amazing job & the V2 look really beautiful :heart_eyes:
Keep going like that, I’ll follow you as much as I can :heart:

Oh thank you so much for your feedback @Stun3R <3 - I put in cc @bguyot that will take actions on all of that :slight_smile: Thank you x1000

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Hey @Stun3R Thanks a lot for this detailed review ! We are currently on working on harmonizing the font size and make it bigger :muscle:
We have also worked on displaying a message when screen size becomes too small, it’s a placeholder that says to try on a bigger screen. We are also looking into the error message on deployment with no credits :slight_smile:
thanks again for,your implication :pray:

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