Kubernetes cluster version updated on AWS but not Qovery


Kubernetes cluster version was updated in AWS to 1.24 but is not reflecting in qovery. Qovery is showing that the update failed with the following message:

Error: updating EKS Cluster (qovery-*********) version: InvalidParameterException: Unsupported Kubernetes minor version update from 1.24 to 1.23


Click update on qovery cluster.

Hello @colin,

Unfortunately, it’s not a bug.

You can look at this FAQ - we explain how Kubernetes upgrades are managed.

“The Qovery team manages your Kubernetes cluster’s upgrade; you don’t have to think about it. Upgrades from one minor Kubernetes version to another require a good amount of tests to make sure everything goes smoothly with zero interruptions for your app. This is why Qovery always provides 1 or 2 minor versions below the last one offered by the cloud provider. Our goal is to guarantee you the maximum uptime.”

So you have two options here:

  1. Create a new cluster via Qovery and move your apps on this new cluster;
  2. Wait for Qovery to support its support for 1.24 BUT in the meantime as you experienced, you won’t be able to update your cluster;


  1. We are working on a version of Qovery where you can manage your Kubernetes upgrades yourself. It will be up to you;
  2. We will update our FAQ and error message to explicitly state more clearly than you should not changed any resources managed by Qovery on Provider side (managed DB types, cluster version, etc). If you need to, we will add the support for it and help you with that, but it needs to be done via Qovery.


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