Issue deploying with Posthog template

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Deploying a project using the (Posthog)0 template completes successfully, but once deployed one of the core pieces is missing. What I mean by that is the plugin server, which is needed for production use, was not included in the deployment.

This seems like an issue with the template itself.

Has anyone deployed a Posthog instance successfully?

Hi @apoliveira, we do use PostHog for Qovery with Qovery in production. Can you give me more details on what is missing? Can you show me errors?

Hi @rophilogene, I don’t see any issues in the deployment log. The issue is in the “preflight” check in PostHog, I’ve attached screenshots of the check. The missing piece is the Node Plugin server that comes with the live implementation.

Nice to hear that Qovery uses PostHog!

Hum, I am looking to this error - at the same time I’ve asked the PostHog team on Twitter.