Invalid SSL certificate

One of our applications is getting an “Invalid SSL certificate” error from Cloudflare. It is configured just like many others and works ok when opened from Qovery provided URL. Where should we look for the issue? Could it be Qovery related?

Here are the identifiers for the application: organization/2119cfce-8e17-474a-9a13-d0e6f0c2794b/project/e5894769-84d5-46af-a9d0-1fd3727737c9/environment/06b27686-2a51-4231-a028-ef090cfba5f3/application/203d65c8-e56a-4865-a943-efddcfd2d9d2/general

could you give more context? As far as I can see all links work.

The issue is visible when you try to open the application using the custom domain. Cloudflare is not happy with the certificate returned from the origin. (I don’t want to share the URL publicly, you can find it in app settings)

I can’t reproduce it. As I said all links work for me even the custom one.

Oh, the domain is protected by Cloudflare Access and not accessible to you. It seems after triggering an update on Cloudflare, the issue got resolved. Thanks for checking.