Import .env file dialog not scrollable in Web Console

Affects: Web Console
Where found: Import .env file dialog
Priority: Low
Fix complexity: Low

Hi guys,
I wanted to import a .env file. As I had some empty lines, format errors where shown. This made the dialog content too big. At first I did not see the save button at all – then I zoomed out and saw it.

The dialog content itself was not scrollable.

Potential fix for the dialog:

max-height: 100vh;
overflow-y: auto | scroll;


Hi @hedgehogs-mind , thanks for reporting this issue. @a_carrano a brand new bug to fix before releasing the V3 I guess :slight_smile:

@hedgehogs-mind in the meantime you can also use the Qovery CLI to import your env vars (I know that you quickly fixed it locally :+1:)

@hedgehogs-mind a hot fix has been released. Thank you for reporting this :pray: