I have Lavalink Server in Qovery but I don't what is hostname and port

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I have Lavalink Server in Qovery but I don’t what is the hostname and port. I have tried Host Id which is in Env Variables and port number I used which I Kept on Dockfile and the password is in my application.yml but it is not working please help me

Dockerfile content (if any)

specify here your dockerfile content

could you please add you qovery.yaml file in order to find what’s going on.

it is basic file only

name: “lavalink”
project: “Lavalink”
organization: “QoveryCommunity”

  • name: “main-lavalink”
    • application_name: “lavalink”
      • “/*”

Does your app should be reachable thru http requests ? If yes you must add the port and publicly_accessible options in your qovery.yaml file.

no it is lavalink it need only port number and IP address(or Host id like we use in cname)

You have a “Public URLs” section in the ui then.

what will be the port and IP address

You won’t have access to IP since it’s not static.