I can't use strapi template or anyother simple react app

it keep failing did not know why

Hi, did you put your strapi app into the GitHub repository generated by the template ?

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I had same problem. Maybe the server not starting of some reason. Try pm2.
Pm2 help you to let server online as never stops. Strapi recommnd that too:

Hi, it’s useless to use PM2 on Qovery since you have Dockerfile already ready to use for Strapi application hosting.

Lot of people get error when they use the Strapi template because they don’t generate a strapi application inside the repository that Qovery create when you start to use it.

Hello. We updated the READ ME inside the strapi template repository, in order to help on this kind of questions :slight_smile:
GitHub - Qovery-Templates/strapi

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docker file giving error even i edit it

FROM strapi/strapi:3.5.4
COPY ./kidzania .
COPY .env .env
RUN yarn
RUN yarn run build
CMD [“strapi”, “start”]

Can you give us the error ?