How much AWS cost with Qovery


I’m trying to figure what costs I should expect if I decide to deploy on Amazon.
I suppose that I’ll have to pay for a Kubernetes Cluster (about 72 $ / month), load balancer, and at least a micro EC2?

Am I correct? I can’t find any informations about that, and it would be great to get price estimations while creating apps.

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Hi Guillaume,

There is not yet such a document because we’re actively working on it actually, and it regularly changes.

At the moment (while writing those lines), the Qovery stack will cost ~250$ to 400$/months (based on your usage and enabled options). This because we do not just bootstrap a cluster Kubernetes but also a stack to be able to live the Qovery experience.

We’re actively working on reducing this in the coming weeks. But do not expect to go lower than 180$/months for production usage.

A dedicated page will be made this summer once all optimizations will be done on our side, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


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Hey @Guillaume_Le_Nistour, FYI we’ve just published a post explaining how the billing works on Qovery. Hope it helps.