How do i worker node index.js

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  • OS: I Dont Know
  • databases: I Dont know
  • Programming language and version: Nodejs Engine version 15.5.1
  • Link to your project on Github/Gitlab: GitHub - MoonLGH/bukanbotcs

Your issue
Hey so im new to here,
I’ve put my repo into my application
How do i use worker to node index.js ??


Qovery uses two way to build app:

  1. Buildpacks. Fully automated but need to respect some rules (files names, architecture, etc…).

  2. Dockerfile. You write your own with the setup you want.

So if you want to start you app on Qovery, respect buildpacks rules or write a dockerfile.

Hope it helps.

so i’ve create an dockerfile in my app

it seems that it still didnt start yet
the app status is still deploying

the dockerfile content didnt even load tho

nvm the app status is error now

There are two things.

First, your Dockerfile is wrong. Have you read the article about it ?

Secondly, have you pushed it in your remote repository ? If no, Qovery won’t see it.