How do I link to my github organisation, as well as my personal repos?

I’m trying to create an Application but I can’t see my organisation level repos, neither can I see a place where I’d be able to re-auth github to connect.

Am I missing something?


The best of way to do what you need is to logout from then logout from Qovery and log back in Qovery console.



@bobbyrenwick in a complementary reply from @Enzo, we expect to support multiple accounts in Qovery in the next major release that we are working on. There is no ETA for the moment but it is realistic to expect it for the end of the year.

I just gave that a go and I’m afraid that didn’t give me the option to extend the scope of Qovery’s auth. Is there anything else I could try?

Can you show me your Qovery permissions?

So I had an issue there - and I granted organisation rights, and then followed the steps above.

I then realised that the repos come through as bobbyrenwick/repo-name, rather than private-org-name/repo-name.

Thanks for the help!

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Yes this is a bug on our API that will be soon solved :crossed_fingers: cc @pjeziorowski @Erebe