How can I setup gRPC port?

As answered here How can I setup gRPC port? - #6 by Erebe , this is not currently supported by our product and we don’t plan to add this feature in the near future.

If you want to do that, please set your port as TCP, but you will need to manage TLS certificate in your application.

We just lifted a restriction to allow a 3rd alternative.

You can now declare 2 ports with the same number as long as the protocol and the port name is different.

It allows you to have 2 urls http-xxx and grpc-xxx that point to the same port but with the correct protocol set for each.

This is as far as we can get, if you need the same URL for the 2 ports it will not be feasible for now for us.

I think that will work, thank you.
However, how can I call urls?
for example:
for http,
for grpc,
or ?

@Erebe would you please check this?

Yes, you can add a custom domain to your app Application | Docs | Qovery

each port will have a unique url, that you can find in the links

I will take a look at it.
In the meantime, just disable your health checks, set your ports, and re-set your health checks after

Thank you for your help, I think it’s fixed our issue.

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