How access from outside a mounted storage?

Hi guys,
How can I access my storage externally or an instance where I can run some commands (migrations for example)?
I am trying to make a super simple project where I use sqlite, I know it is not the right one but it is for academic purposes.
Any suggestions?

Hi @andersou, welcome to the Qovery community :).

Getting access to your SQLite data from outside with a mounted storage is not possible today with Qovery. I will suggest to use another database like PostgreSQL or MySQL (we provide those databases easily) which will be accessible from outside. SQLite is an embedded database and getting access to those data outside of your app is a bit tricky.

Let me know if I can help you.

Hi Romaric, I am flattered to receive your response.
At this point, I left the migration running as a command in the Dockerfile itself (it is a very simple migration/seeding) and it is serving its purpose well (academic only).
Unfortunately, since yesterday I am encountering deployment failures, but I believe it is due to system maintenance.
I would like to thank you for offering this great service and allowing a totally free community plan.