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My helm chart is marked as stopped and it throws me off, because I have to go and verify it’s up, to make sure the team has access to resources.

Plus, there are no logs:

But even though it’s marked as Stopped and Cancelled, it’s running and qovery resources can be reached:


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Hello @moisesrodriguez

Based on your question, I understand that you’ve created a Helm service and have stopped the parent environment. Although the helm service status shows as stopped, your application remains reachable.

To execute stop/restart actions (and other as access container logs, and display pod status on the overview page), you must use the macro qovery.labels.service to add all the necessary labels to the deployed resources (Pods, Deployments …).

For more detailed information, please refer to the provided document:

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Hi @Pierre_Gerbelot,

I have not stopped the parent environment. It’s probable that when you checked it was the case because of our timezone difference. It’s marked as stopped but parent environment is running as I write this:

Hi @moisesrodriguez

If your question is why the service status is stopped despite the completion of deployment and the service being reachable.
It is because we need the pods to have the Qovery label, which you can set by using the Qovery macros described in the document provided in the previous answer.


Hi @Pierre_Gerbelot ,

Okay now I understand that the pods installed by a helm chart, do not have the default Qovery labels needed to (access your container logs, apply the stop/restart actions, display the pod status in the overview page),

My question now is how to add those annotations. I tried this

And you can see them in the deployment logs:

But it is still marked as stopped. Guidance would be appreciated since I’m not very familiar

Hello @moisesrodriguez

The commonLabels you added in the values override do not exist for your chart. You need to check the default values to see the fields available.
In this case, the correct field to update appears to be additionalLabels .

I hope it will help.

Hi @Pierre_Gerbelot,

I appreciate your help and patience. I got it working:

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