Ghost template with MySQL

Hi, your current Ghost template uses SQLite as database. I’d rather use the recommended MySQL. Firstly, can I use DO’s 1-click install from Qovery (which is sort of the standard Ghost stack) (or can I start an on DO and then control my droplet through Qovery?).

Alternatively, how do I switch out SQLite and use MySQL with Ghost. You can answer from the perspective of Qovery version 2, I am a noob, so that’s my focus anyways (ie the web interface).

I’m really confused and sorry but I don’t understand what you are asking…

I agree! Too many questions in one post! Here’s what I mean:

You provide a template to install the Ghost application. (Ghost is like Strapi).

The template you provide automatically installs Ghost with SQLite. However, the recommended database to be used with Ghost is MySQL.

So my question is: how do I change the database to MySQL?

Sure you can, you just have to switch from a db to another. This tutorial should help.

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