Get database host address

While we can access the database logins, is there any way we can access our database host address? After some research, the API docs don’t show anything about an endpoint that can provide that.

Hey @Aggis15, thanks for asking. Until we provide access to database credentials through the web console you can run CURLs commands. I have updated the beta getting started

I’ve seen that as well, but that only gives me my login and password.
Let me rephrase. With the old console, I would use a host address (a link) and connect to the database using the password. How am I supposed to connect to it now if I don’t have a host address? Am I missing something here?
Thanks for the swift response!
EDIT: My database is a PostgreSQL one.

@pjeziorowski and @Erebe do you know when we’ll support database publicly accessible? "accessibility": "PUBLIC"

Hey @rophilogene, seems like we missed this part. I’ll add a task to handle this issue, it seems quite critical so hopefully, we’ll tackle this early next week.


So if I have an application trying to connect to a Database we have to use localhost for the host ?

It’s not localhost but the provided environment variable. If you look at the value, there is a hostname that is available but only “resolvable” internally.