Error when deploying a php application on a scaleway cluster

Hello, I am having this issue when deploying:

Container image failed to be build: Cannot build Application "zb88f34c5" due to an error with buildpack: ExitStatusError(ExitStatus(unix_wait_status(256)))

How can I correct this ?


Can you please paste the url of your environment, so we can check the deployment of your logs ?

I took a look and it is Scaleway that is having issues at the moment.

Scaleway has an ongoing incident/slowness regarding object storage, Scaleway Status - [Elements] Performance issues on Multi-AZ Object Storage buckets, which is where application image/container are push, which explains why we have some trouble to push final image.

I re-launched your deployment, and this time it seemed to work (after a bit of time).
It should be better when scaleway resolve their incident

Hi @Loic , if you want to bootstrap and showcase quickly what you are doing with Qovery to your team I would suggest using an AWS account. This issue will not appear. You can move later on on Scaleway if you need to.