Error running terraform plan with Qovery Provider - SELF_MANAGED is not a valid KubernetesEnum




When i run terraform plan i get the following error.

Plan: 0 to add, 4 to change, 0 to destroy.
│ Error: Error on cluster read
│   with data.qovery_cluster.main,
│   on line 1, in data "qovery_cluster" "main":
│    1: data "qovery_cluster" "main" {
│ Could not read cluster 'b39d6b3b-7def-4a44-9296-6904e5aa8c7f', unexpected error: SELF_MANAGED is not a valid KubernetesEnum



Hi @hosmelq , thanks for reporting this - I forward to our product/engineering team.

Hey @hosmelq!

Can you confirm you are using the last version of Qovery Terraform provider (0.28.0)?
If not, can you bump it?


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Hello @bchastanier, that was the error. Thank you for the help.

I would like to know if you are thinking of releasing a stable version of this because we have been having a lot of these issues through versions. We can use the dashboard but managing services and a lot of ENV variables from there is a mess.

Hello @hosmelq !

Every version is supposed to be stable, but it uses our API behind the scene, API evolves and requires Terraform provider to be up-to-date to support new features.
In this case, BYOK has been introduced recently, if your provider version was too much behind, then it doesn’t have the BYOK changes in it and there is nothing much we can do.

If you have issues with managing ENV variables in TF please let us now so we can see how to improve it. Terraform has its own flows and magic.