Error during database creation


I am trying to create a database but I have a problem in “managed” mode. Impossible to select a version (this works fine in “container” mode).

Hello Benjamin :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report !
Unfortunately, we are still not supporting the databases managed for Scaleway. On your screen, the checkbox “Mode managed” should not appear, we will remove it.



Do you have any idea when this feature might arrive?


Hi @shankiflang,

it is not our priority for now since we are trying to deliver a new feature enabling you to deploy any kind of resources with qovery via terraform / custom code. This would allow you to deploy the managed database as well even if it would be in a less “native” way. We should expect to have this delivered by the end of the year / beginning Q1.

Is this a blocker for you or you can continue with the container databases for now?

This is not really limiting. This added with the fact that I can’t do any job yet, make that I don’t use Qovery in production yet. These two points are currently blocking me. Once finished and functional, I will consider switching my production to Qovery :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

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