Environment variable Bug

When am trying to create Environment variable I am getting a bug and I am using android smartphone.


And what is the bug exactly? All I can see is the variable menu.

When I am type a word on the variable name box It doesn’t see that typed word.And I am using android Phone.

@Erebe can you take a look at this

I have tried to create normal variable but not showing it.

Its a bug and team is working on it🙂

When they will fix this?

This will be fixed soon🙂

Not fixed yet. I am wating :neutral_face::neutral_face:

Things takes time, becoz this bug is not happening to every one, I can add variables and i don’t face this issue, so you hav to wait for them to check the problem, its not easy to track the problem where it happens in a large code stack. So be patient :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, we do not officially support smartphones at the moment - it is best effort on our side. I will let you know when we will officially support smartphones. Please use a desktop at the moment. Thank you.

4 days passed not fixed yet :expressionless::expressionless:

I think the support for smartphone browsers is not gonna come soon